It’s my 34th birthday today, and so I’m giving you a special bonus comic. In color! About strippers!

Inspired by a friend, I decided to really get serious in my 33rd year. That’s when Jesus is said to have died. It’s also the year in which he really managed to make waves. So, we called it our Jesus Year and decided to get really serious about figuring our lives out. She spent her Jesus Year living off her savings account, volunteering all over the world.

I spent mine mostly in my office and coffee shops. Drawing pictures. There’s no way I have ever had a more creatively productive year than 33. I feel like I’ve been really giving it a go in a way that I’ve always meant to.

Oh, right… strippers. Did you know there is a web-comic about strippers? There is, there is! It’s called Pink Parts and it is by a former dancer. It’s not super safe for work, but it is a compelling story.

So here’s a comic I drew in pastels. I don’t know how I feel about how it looks. The lettering was a nightmare and I had to use enormous paper and I still couldn’t fit much in. I don’t know that I’m good with this whole color material thing, but you let me know. I don’t think I’d do a great job coloring in Photoshop, but maybe.

And happy 34th to me!

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. It's in color! TV is standing in a field of flowers.
TV: Smells like Stripper out here. Sheesh. So that's why Boy Scouts like nature.