I thought it was pretty funny when I stared this site and put up a Google Ad space that most of the ads that came up were for Gerber products. Writing this will only make that worse, I imagine, but, yeah… nothing about this site is really about babies. At all.

That said, I was doing some strips over at a friends house and she had a baby and so I came up with this strip. So there is one actual baby in Eat the Babies.

The real baby that this strip is based on is an incredibly sweet baby. Please, TV, don’t eat her.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. TV meets a baby in a sandbox. The baby is playing with one of those cubes that has different shapes in it and the baby has to try to fit the blocks into the holes that match the block's shape.
TV: What are you up to there, neighbor?
Panel 2. TV tries the toy, seated next to the baby.
Panel 3. The toy has all the blocks in it.
TV: That was pretty easy. What's your problem?