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Also, on the whole Rumsfeld theme. This video is really just tape from the Opie and Anthony show when Louis CK asked Rumsfeld if he were a Reptilian. It is kind of bizarre the ways in which Rumsfeld won’t answer the question. I’m not saying it means anything, but it is weird.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Woody, Keynes and PAP are sitting on the couch.
Keyne: The only reason I am goin on this gambit is the off chance I might see Donald Rumsfeld.
PAP: He might eat you.
Keyne: I will take that risk.

Panel 2. Max walks in.
Max: Hey guys! I got Chalk on the phone. He can get you to the cave.
Woody: I'll get my adventure guitar!
PAP: Could this be dangerous?
Keynes: Cave full of ninjas? It'll be fine.

Panel 3. Knock at the door.
Max: He's here! You guys ready?
Woody: How's he gonna carry us all?
Max: Well, I'm not going. I got a call from Courtney.

Panel 4. They are outside. Keynes is shaking the hand of Chalk Fooljob.
PAP: Oh, so she had another break-up and needs her reserve boyfriend?
Max: Guys, I just need to be there for her...
Keynes: Never gonna happen fella.

Panel 5. Chalk flies off with PAP and Woody on his back and Keynes in a sort of chair sling, over the rowhomes of South Philadelphia.

Panel 6. Max standing on the sidewalk, looking at his cell phone as it rings.

Panel 7. Max talking on his cell phone. Close-up.
Max: Hey Courtney. Yeah, sure. I can make us lunch.

Panel 8.
Max: No, I got rid of the cat after you were last here.

Panel 9.
Max: Sure, I have Caleb's number. I can give that to you.