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We are nearing the end of this story. Well, fair bit to go, but it feels close to me, since I know. The next page, on Tuesday, has already been pencilled – and I’m pumped about it. It’s definitely the crux page of the whole story. I came up with it when I outlined this story a few weeks ago and I’ve been pumped about its layout ever since. Not groundbreaking, or anything, but the elements come together. It looks good.

In other news, have I told you guys that I’ve been writing book reviews forĀ Next American City? I have been. My newest one just came out and I really liked the book. If you care about restoring urban America (and not just the big cities), then this book is a great read. Here’s my write-up. And if you think you might like to buy the book, click this link and help the site (or buy anything else you want on Amazon – it will all help the site):

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. Frank Miller has his battle bot up on the mountain and he's blasting away at the caved-in cave entrance.
Frank Miller: You can't hand from me, ninjas! I know all about your kind! I drew one that was a bodyguard for hookers!*

Panel 2. Inside the cave. TV and PAP with two of the ninja.
TV: What are you guys going to do?
Ninja: I'm not sure. Ninja aren't good at frontal combat.
Ninja: We should go deeper in the caves!

Panel 3.
Ninja 3: Are you sure that's teh right thing to do.
Ninja: What do you mean by "right?"
Ninja 3: If we go deeper, he'll just level the mountain and still get us.

Panel 4.
Ninja 3: I'd like to think that we have some ethic about land use. What's the point of letting this whole mountain get destroyed if ends the same?

Panel 5. Everyone running away, looking panicked, deeper into the caves.
Ninja (with hands on Ninja 3, pushing him along): You're not thinking straight. We play this right - Lifetime Original Movie. We'll be swimming in it.**

* Mijo, in the SIN CITY books.
** - "It" refering to, of course, here, being "pussy."