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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. The Elder God is kicked back and telling the ninjas and our friends the story of the universe.
Elder God: When the universe was no more than the phlegm coating the Creator's afterbirth, we gods battled and swam through that mucus. Without knowing, we made our dead placenta into stars. In time unknowable, we knew that I am I. We had names. We pressed space out. We met. We resolved to give life to worlds with the last of our womb's ichor. That is when I began to commune with another god. Together, we crafted some of life's richest emotions, such as Turmoil and Alienation. In the lifetime of a star, I was bewitched by this other god. I offered my love. The god said it best that we be friends. So I came here to melt my shame in dreams.