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So Keynes was gay. Until he wasn’t. Or, at least, until he fell for a woman. He met a ballerina later in life and really liked her.

That’s Keynes, I guess. Never letting himself get stuck in a monolithic idea.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the point of this whole story morphed into a sort of treatise for young geek boys who feel like no one will ever love them. That might be true, but more likely than not it isn’t.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. The Elder God is looking down at Keynes and TV. PAP is on Keynes shoulder.
Keynes: For what it's worth, I found that as I grew older, it became easier to relate to women, and, in turn, they were more interested in me.

Panel 2. The Elder God lifts Keynes and PAP up in his hand.
Elder God: Tell me more...
Keynes: Youth makes many of us awkward in ways that may not be attractive. Time tends to settle us down.

Panel 3. Woody and TV are looking at each other and talking, with the God in the background.
Woody: I thought Keynes was mostly into other boys early in life?
TV: Yeah, me too.

Panel 4. The Elder God leans in close to Woody and TV.
Elder God: Your pedestrian gender concepts are not pertinent to my disconsolation.

Panel 5. PAP and TV on the Elder God's hand.
PAP: That's how Keynes sees it. He's bisexual.
Keyens: I prefer to think of it as ballerinosexual.