Another late one because I was traveling. Didn’t have time to do the post-production on this till today. Hope you dig this. The next comic will be the 200th strip that I have posted on this site.

I am writing this from Kansas.

Thought for the day: the only ways you can get into a car accident here in a legit small town is if a) you’re driving like an in irresponsible asshole, b) you’re drunk or c) you’re too old to be driving. Driving here is just so effing easy. You have no reason to ever get into an accident.

So everyone, please, quit being dicks and drive like grownups. It’s ridiculous that anyone ever gets hurt in cars down here.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. The Elder God bursts out of the top of the mountain much to the suprise and consternation of Frank Miller who had been trying very hard to burst into into it with his guns. KRAKOOM!

Panel 2. In one slap, the Elder God crunches Frank Miller and his little battle exoskeleton into a pile of much with a sickening CRUNCH.