I haven’t made this clear but TV comes to life in a house in my hometown of Pittsburg, Kansas. I will probably say that shortly. All my stories seem to lead back to Pittsburg one way or another. Because… well, that’s where I am from.

This one is a bit of a joke about the fact that I don’t think anyone has any idea about how to catch a bus in Southeast Kansas. There did used to be one. I honestly don’t even know if you can ride a bus to my hometown anymore. How crazy is that? How do you even get out of town if you’re poor? I just don’t get it. Could you get trapped there forever?

I think maybe I have finished a short story. I am showing it to some friends right now… hoping a few of them will take a look at it. Trying to see if it makes sense to folks. Then maybe I will submit it to some places. I am a bit worried that like everything else I write it doesn’t have a place, genre-wise, anywhere. It’s a story about a superhero but it isn’t exactly a superhero story. It’s more about what a romantic loser he is. Gchat features prominently. OK Cupid is also relevant.

Yesterday, I began recording The Flying Saucer Philosopher for Podiobooks.com. I am going to release the book without Casa Del Queso on a bunch of other platforms at a lower price. It will have also received a little bit of a rewrite over the course of this, but it will be a gentle one. A rewrite that will clear up some of the typos and also make a few things a bit clearer. I found some decently big errors along the way in producing the story.

So, if you don’t want to read it straight through, in a few weeks you should be able to listen to it on your iPod for free.

Speaking of listening, here’s an episode of HowSound from PRX. Half of it is about a school custodian who is also an editor at a poetry journal and works with some of the students one-on-one on writing. Since I am feeling very old lately, I thought I would include a link to this story about one old guy who’s still doing it and making a little bit of a connection.

Or he did.

He’s dead now.


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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. TV encounters a guy in overalls.
TV: I think I would like to go east. How do I go east?

Panel 2.
Overalls: Well... you drive.

Panel 3.
TV: How do I go east if I can't drive?
Overalls: Umm...

Panel 4-9 They stand their silently while Overalls makes slightly different pensive faces.

Panel 10. You can now see that they are standing on a corner. There is a lawn behind them and a stop sign in the foreground.
Overalls: A bus! I think you could take a bus.

Panel 11.
TV: Cool. Where do I get one of those?

Panel 12-15 Different pensive faces on Overalls.
Overalls: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Panel 16.
Overalls: Dunno.