This is getting to be a pretty philosophically driven story. Meanwhile, I have been trying to rebuild my math skills a bit as a precursor to developing some programming skills. I have been primarily been using The Khan Academy to do this, and really enjoying it.

I wanted to see if they had a video on Kirkegaard or Existentialism, but no luck. They do, however, have a pretty good video about Keynesianism. And that’s a topic we have concerned ourself with a fair amount on this site. So here you go:


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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: The boy and TV are still on the bus.
Boy: So I guess you've seen THE MATRIX, right?
TV: Like a billion times, but...

Panel 2. TV is in front of an illustration of the solar system but with an antennae for the sun and ipods and radios and such for planets.
TV: ... asking a TV if it has seen something sends us into a real philosophical tailspin.

Panel 3. TV narrates a scene from his past where a boy is totally zoned out in front of him.
TV: In fact, I don't think I will ever decide whther or not I first realized I was being watched or that I had an observable self.

Panel 5.
Boy: So did the manufacturers design you with arms and legs or what?

Panel 6. TV looks at his hands.

Panel 7. TV looks at his foot.

Panel 8. TV looks at the boy who is looking out the window.
TV: I hadn't realized I had them until you said that.