If you’re curious, Next City has been cool enough to ask me to write about books for the Daily section of their site. It’s been a great experience. The Editor in Chief, Diana Lind, came up with an idea that seems to be grabbing people. We write about a book first but then follow up a week or so later with a conversation with someone close to the book. That second part seems to be even more popular than the first part (though we have only done two of these now, so hold on).

You can follow all my posts here.

My favorite book so far has been Walkable City. Here’s my review of it and then here’s a conversation I had with an advocate for public spaces about the book.

The next book will be a novel. I’ve finished it, and have already started reading the next book which I am super psyched about, Daniel Brook’s A History of Future Cities. I think it’s really going to be something else. I’ve read the intro. What a great concept. I have a feeling I will be gushing about it, but… time will tell!

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