I know I have been the crappiest comic artist. I am so behind on winding this strip down. It is very tough to keep going on your update schedule when you know you are bringing a thing to an end. Plus, guess what? I am moving to New York! We have known this for a few weeks. It has burned a lot of time for us and when it hasn’t been burning time it has been burning mental bandwidth.
We’ll get there.
New York. Anyone have a two bedroom in Brooklyn for a nice couple?

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. TV and some kid are sitting on a bus.
TV: Why did the bus stop?
Kid: We are still on the highway!
TV: I'll go look

Panel 2. TV is standing at the front of the bus. The Driver is standing up and looking out his windshield and you can see some sort of barrier out front.
Driver: What the hell?

Panel 3. TV and the Driver are outside and the Jersey Devil has the whole road blocked with a turnpike.
Jersey Devil: Good afternoon, sir. I will need $1000 to let you use these next three miles.
Driver: But this is a public road.
JD: Not any more. Wall Street shored the state of Missouri and its legislature panicked. So I bought this stretch in a fire sale.
So pay up.
Driver: I am the Driver. My company doesn't give me petty cash.

Panel 4.
JD: Perhaps you should consider taking a different route then.
Driver: There's no place to turn off. I can't even turn around.
JD: Aww, so true.

Panel 5. Jersey Devil hands a card with 666 on the front.
JD: Fortunately, I have made a partnership with Goldman Sachs. Simply have your employers call this number and your toll can be promptly financed.