I should do more comics about TV looking for ghosts.

Man, this Amazing Super Powers strip made me laugh and laugh. It has a ghost in it.

This will be the end of my “stages of death triptych,” btw. The next comic is going to depress you in a whole different way.

This should get you ready for just how:

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. TV is standing in a graveyard.
TV: I came out her to see some ghosts.

Panel 2. TV is walking into a mausoleum.
TV: Lots of folks seem to get made at me about looking. They say, "Ghosts don't exist."

Panel 3. TV is standing in a grave that he is exhuming with a shovel.
TV: But if ghosts don't exist, why do they get all bent out of shape when I go looking?