These last two comics firmly establish TV’s presence in Philadelphia.

It’s a little joke about UPenn’s way of gentrifying West Philadelphia. It’s called Penntrification.

I am pretty ambivalent about gentrification, to be honest. The world changes. That’s just how it works. I dunno… much is lost, of course, but much is gained, too. I dunno.

Anyway, four pages to go. Feels like a million.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. TV sees a corner news box.
TV: Oh, look! Free literature! I know about literature! That's how primitive people share information.

Panel 2-4 TV is flipping through a paper
TV: People must really like talking on the phone. These calls are expensive.
Well, that is savage, but I don't see anything lovely about it.
Lotta comics in here... Are these papers for kids?

Panel 5. TV walking down the sidewalk still reading.
TV: This is interesting. "Famous economist John Maynard Keynes to give a talk at the University of Pennsylvania" today.
I have always wondered if economists had feet.

Panel 6. TV comes up behind a big guy in a trenchcoat.
TV: Excuse me, sir, would you mind telling me how I can get to UPenn?

Panel 7. The guy looms down at TV with big eyes.
Dude: In my experience, UPenn comes to you.

Panel 8 TV calling after the guy's back as he walks away.
TV: Okay, well, if I don't want to wait, is there, like, a bus or a subway that I could try?