I have this dream that someday I will be the sort of guy who makes funny little elements in the background of his comics. I haven’t really made it happen yet, but if you keep an eye on my comics that occur in commercial settings, you will see some. Especially if I have an opportunity to make fun of the posters that big chains put up, showing folks way too ecstatic about their products.

You know what gets old before it even starts? Co-workers grilling you about what your wardrobe choices “mean.” Like in this Vlad the Vegan Vampire strip. Man. They will tell you something is up if they want to tell you, ok?

I know women who say that other women will ask them if they have a date based on their clothes. That’s really obnoxious. Ever happened to you?

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. TV is at a customer service counter in a cell phone store, talking to one of the salespeople.
TV: I have a problem with my cell phone service.
Salesguy: OK, what seems to be wrong?
TV: I have 400 minutes per month. I am not even close.

Panel 2. Salesguy is looking at his computer terminal.
Salesguy: Hmm, I see your account. Looks as though you are only using 50 or 60 minutes on average. It seems as though you have plenty of minutes.

Panel 3.
TV: That's just the thing...

Panel 4. TV is expansive.
TV: I thought... "Wouldn't it be great if I got 400 min of calls every month?" So, I got a cell phone. But, I am not getting any more calls than I ever did.

Panel 5.
Salesguy: I am sorry. We don't provide the calls. Just the line.
TV: Really?
Salesguy: Yes.
TV: What if I paid more.
Salesguy: Not a service we offer.

Panel 6. Both still at the service counter, but each of them are looking in different directions.
TV: That is so disappointing.