They really did find ethylene glycol (aka, anti-freeze) in the ground water in Susquehanna County. The driller up there wanted to blame it on the local garage.


I’m not making this up.

And this really is how the industry reacts. They just say hydrofracking is safe, no matter what the facts are. A reporter in Philadelphia pointed out that this was their refrain on his paper’s blog.

These lobbyists make my skin crawl. Anyway, enough of this badness. Back to your regularly scheduled web-comic weirdness after this strip, with only occasional forays into genuine issues. More butt jokes.

If you’re still mad, though, call your Congressman and tell them you want to protect the citizens of the US (or whatever your country is — there’s shale just about everywhere) from hydrofracking. The FRAC Act would be a good place to start.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. Press conference. TV is among the reporters sitting and listening to a lone woman on a dais, answering questions.
Reporter: I recently interviewed a woman whose children were sick from drinking water from near one of your rigs. Any comment?
Lobbyist: Hyrdrofracking is safe. Next question.

Panel 2. TV is seated next to a second reporter with a similar question. TV scribbles on his reporter notepad.
Reporter 2: But a water lab found anti-freeze in the groundwater. That's safe?

Panel 3. The lobbyist is seen at a podium with a drill rig pictured on it and a sign that says, "Natural Gas Is Natural."
Lobbyist: Yes. Hydrofracking is safe.

Panel 4.
TV: I always get bored when I play the Answer-Every-Question-The-Same-Way Game. Don't you?

Panel 5.
Lobbyist: Bored? No, but my job is simple, and that's because-- hydrofracking is safe.