The World Naked Bike Ride is a real deal. I’ve done three of them. They are fun. Some creepiness, but mostly fun. Most cities welcome the annual rides, but not New York. New York won’t really give the naked cyclists their blessing.

I wonder if the characters in this biking oriented web-comic ever did a naked bike ride?

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. TV and Woody Guthrie are in the foreground, sitting at a table in a bar, with a couple of pints. They are looking out the window at several naked bike riders. Across the street, they see several people who are smiling and laughing and waving at the naked cyclists.
TV: Gosh, Woody, why are those folks so happy?
Woody: They must like seeing people naked on their bikes.

Panel 2.
TV: Why does that make them happy?
Woody: I guess because it's so unusual. Most places it's against the law.

Panel 4.
TV: It makes people smile, but it's illegal?Why?
Woody: Dunno. Doesn't look like they are hurting anyone, does it.

Panel 5. Both are looking straight out the window.
TV: Do you think they will outlaw falafel next, woody?