So, I drew a few of these after I spent a lot of time making calls after the last election to people who were very caustic about my attempt to educate them about the candidates. Even if folks were voting, you could tell that they didn’t want to put much effort into deciding who to support.

It bummed me out.

These were cathartic.

Here’s another picture for you. From here.

Just answer when the nice people call trying to change the world. It won’t be so bad.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. TV is sitting at a desk with a list of names in front of him, and he's talking on the phone.
TV: Hi, there! I am calling to see if you know who you'll be supporting for Congress...
Yes, yes... we have called a few times before.

Panel 2. TV leans back. He is listening.

Panel 3.
TV: Well, you might have answered the phone then.