So, sometimes I tell stories at story slams here in Philadelphia. I made it to the Grand Slam in 2009. This comic is kind of sort of inspired by what I remember of the story that the warm up storyteller told that night. You can see it here.

She’s getting to be kind of a big deal, honestly.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. TV and a young looking woman are sitting in a coffee shop. She has a mug. TV has iced coffee, with a straw.
Girl: ...Oh my God. I had such a boner for that girl.

Panel 2. TV has a questionmark on his screen.
Girl: You should have seen her go after this guy. First, for her filmmaking final, you should've seen it.

Panel 3.
Girl: She makes this totally Freudian short that is wholly about her horniness.

Panel 4.
Girl: It's like some sort of paean to his clothes on her floor. There's like cats & wetness & sweaters. Wow.

Panel 5.
Girl: So when she does get him to go out, she breaks into a country club to go skinny dipping! She was so high.

Panel 6.
TV: Wait. When you said you had "a boner," that was one of those metaphors, right?