If you like spies, Matt Kindt has a book called Super Spy that you should check out. It isn’t really any one story. It’s a lot of stories inspired by the whole notion of spies. It’s post-modern (in a cool way), in that it attempts to find all these fresh angles and perspectives on classic notions in spy stories. The art is really unique and visionary, too. That’s probably the best part.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. Evil TV is behind a desk with a large window. TV is standing on the carpet in front of him.
Evil TV: Take this briefcase to Tobolsk and then follow the instructions in the handle compartment.

Panel 2. TV is holding the briefcase and looking down at it.
TV: This is going to be some real secret agent stuff.

Panel 3. TV is in bed with a woman. There are women's clothes on the floor alongside the bed.
TV: Wait, wait, I need to get some protection.

Panel 4. Woman is sitting up in bed and looking angry.
Woman: You're in bed with a hired assassin after she made an attempt on your life, and you're worried about condoms.

Panel 5.
TV: You just don't seem like the mommy type.
Woman: What's that supposed to mean?