I went back and forth about whether or not I should spell out what the deal with this strip is. You know, my point. I kind of hate it when people tell you what their point is, but I think this one might be a little too weird to not just say what was on my mind. So I will. But I’m going to do it in white text, so if you want to see what I have to say then start highlighting from here: big business does dangerous, harmful even murderous things all the time. People often die so someone else can profit. They die slowly, by degrees, but businesses do kill people. And the only protection we have against these business practices that are dangerous to public health are regulators. Regulators are the cops of the business world. The logical extension of the business world’s argument that regulation is harmful and restrictive logically extends to policing. If the free market nutbags are right, then any profit making activity should be legal — including robbing people — and if people really don’t want to be robbed then they will hire someone to protect them from being robbed. Make sense?

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. Keynes and TV are walking down a street in the Kensington Neighborhood of Philadelphia. You can see a guy in a hoodie in the background.
Keynes: I appreciate the fact that Roubini is bringing attention to my work, but I think he makes.

Panel 2. TV and Keynes are met by the guy with the hoodie, holding out a gun.
Hoodie: Get out yer wallets!
Keynes: Oh my goodness! A mugger.
Hoodie: I'm not a mugger. I'm a free market activist.

Panel 3. TV and Keynes both have wallets out and they are pulling out their cash.
Keynes: Fair enough.