I honestly don’t remember an effing thing about Punky Brewster, beyond that fact that I totally used to watch it. I also remember a cartoon version, but, really… nothing.

People loved this show, right? I think I watched it all the time?

Was she an orphan or something? I know she dressed all weird but also always wore the same thing. That was the main thing, right? Funny kid who dressed crazy?

What the hell was that show about?

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. TV is sitting in a coffee shop with a woman who is dressed in a short skirt with stripes and generally funky outfit. She has a latte. TV has an iced coffee.
Woman: Dear, dear. I am so sorry to go on and on.
TV [thinking]: I have already forgotten what you said because it made no sense.
Woman: I just finally feel I can express myself with you.

Panel 2.
Woman: It's like you are the only person I know that can actually listen.
TV [thinking]: It's neat how you dress like Punky Brewster.

Panel 3:
Woman [excercised]: WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?
TV [thinking]: I bet if I shifted my feet the right way you would start to cry about your dad.