So, this is basically how I see the development community. Everyone is all for a clean, green environment until you tell them that some development might have to be foregone to protect natural resources.

Making money appears to always be the top priority. It is a bummer.

In Pennsylvania, the stormwater regulations were updated in 2010 to require that 150 feet out from the edge of a stream you can’t disturb the earth. You need to either leave the natural growth that is there, there, or let it grow back. This is what’s called a buffer and it is the best way to protect water quality.

As it was under discussion, those people who throw up cookie-cutter developments and big box stores fought it. They are still fighting it. Check out this news piece. I can promise you: the development community all but wrote this little piece of propaganda.

In my ever so humble opinion, it’s not right to develop every possible strip of land just because you could turn a buck doing so. In fact, we could just stop now — kthxbye.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. A small rivulet is running through a gauntlet of large buildings which are right up to the edge of the tiny, hemmed in stream. TV is standing in the foreground with a picket sign that reads: More Jobs! Less River!