When the original Nintendo Entertainment System came out I was totally transfixed by it. I have the distinct honor, in fact, of being one of very, very few kids born in the late 70s to spend untold hours playing video games on the NES without ever actually beating Super Mario Brothers. I didn’t, though.


But I can still tell you which game the character of Mario first appeared in. It was a game for the Atari system.

Years later, two of my all time favorite musicians, Kaki King and John Darnielle, would collaborate on an EP together. I have only ever heard the songs on the EP in concert, because they only sold the EP on vinyl. It was called The Black Pear EP, but I don’t have a record player so I can’t tell you much more about it.

Well, two more things. 1) Kaki King looked scorching when she played The TLA in Philadelphia with The Mountain Goats — too bad she plays for the wrong team, and

2) Some guy on YouTube made an awesome video for their song, “Thank You, Mario, but Our Princess is in Another Castle!”

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. TV is sitting on a pipe inside the Super Mario Bros. first level. Mario is running toward him, making a little hop as he comes.
TV: She's in another castle.

Panel 2. Mario is on the other side of the pipe, still going, jumping over a pit.
TV: Hey! Your princess is in another castle.

Panel 3. TV is standing up and yelling after Mario, who is long gone.