I drew this comic after going to the 2011 Small Press Expo. I rode down with two comic artists and talked to more comic book artists than I have ever talked to before. I have never talked about comics so much in such a short amount of time. Ever.

Something about it kicked the comics part of my brain into gear I think. This comic shows a bit of experimentation with layout and formatting. Graphically, there are several things about this page I’m excited about. Little visual ideas that I don’t think I would have had if I hadn’t spent so much time talking comics seriously.

So it was good for me. Sadly, though I tried to get myself a table for SPX 2012, I failed. Which is a bummer. I will probably still be there, though.

That said, I am helping to put together the Philadelphia Alternative Comic-Con for 2012, and it’s gonna be dope. You bet.  #pacc2012!

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. TV and Max are playing video games on the couch in their apartment.
Max: Why do the girls I like only ever want to be friends with me?
TV: Friend guy.
Max: That's me.
TV: Lowest kind of loser.

Panel 2. Seen from behind. They are playing a first person shooter.
TV: Sucks to be you man.
Max: C'mon.
TV: No, it really, really sucks.

Panel 3. Establishing shot. You can see the door behind them and their stereo and the CONTRA poster and the little rug under the chair.
Max: Yeah.

Panel 4.
TV: What you need to do, is lie to them.
Max: That's fucked up, man. I don't want to be that guy.

Panel 5.
TV: You gotta make a change, right?
Max: Whatever, man.

Panel 6. Close-up.
Max: Maybe my problem is that I have too much respect for women.

Panel 7. The two look far away and somewhat lacking in detail.

Panel 8. Max looks away from the game and looks at TV.
Max: What do you mean by "lie"?
TV: Start with: "That's really interesting."