Somewhere on the interwebs I ran across some post about podcasts by standup comics that folks should check out. From that, I ended up subscribing to Doug Loves Movies and WTF with Marc Maron. I like them both. At first, though, I liked Doug Benson’s show more. Marc Maron kind of rubbed me the wrong way at first. This changed, though.

I think my initial problem with Marc Maron was this: he reminded me way too much of me. Maron and I have way too much in common. God. It’s freaky. So, I’ve come to be a big fan. I have listened to a lot of his interviews with comics and other creative types. So far, I have only bought one of his albums, Final Engagement, but I have probably listened to it 10 times since I bought it a month ago (which is a lot for a comedy album). I will definitely buy more, I am just trying not to blow so much money on, you know, comic books and comedy albums.

The WTF Podcast, though, is free. So check it out. And get enlightened. And laugh sometimes.

Be careful, though. It has had a weird impact on me. I have once again gone up at an open mic. And I plan to do more. I’m calling it research for my next novel. And it is. But I also want to be a comic. Or at least be in with comics. Which is a horrible idea and nothing but humiliation lies down this road.

But it’s a road I seem to have embarked on.

And I 100% blame Marc Maron.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. TV is on a stage with a mic in front of him and a bow-tie on, doing stand up.
TV: Ah... I screwed that joke up...

Panel 2.
TV: Can I just do it over? Will that work? I did stuff over all the time at the Deli.

Panel 3. Fiddling with the mic cord.
TV: Why don't... Why don't I just make that my last bit?

Panel 4. TV is sitting at a table looking at a glass in his hand.
TV (thinking): See? There's no reason not to use a pint glass for whiskey.