So this isn’t even close to the last comic in which you will see the late, great Woody Guthrie. I am a big fan of Kate Beaton, of Hark a Vagrant fame (not that she needs a link from me — if you’re reading this you probably have known about Beaton for a long time). So when I started getting serious about this idea of doing this web-comic, I couldn’t help but think about what she’d done.

Not to totally knock her off, some historical characters are going to become regular features in this comic. Most notably, Guthrie and John Maynard Keynes. I’m kicking around adding a couple others right now, but they have not quite taken shape yet. Anyway, in my comic, you can tell if they are famous historical figure because they have objects in place of heads. Woody has an old-fashioned radio for a head.

You’ll see a lot more Guthrie and a lot more Keynes going forward, tho. Anyone care to guess what Keynes will have for his head? In the meantime, you can read Bound for Glory, Woody Guthrie’s Autobiography, like I am!

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. In a park. TV is standing. Woody Guthrie is sitting on a park bench with his guitar.
TV: Mr. Guthrie, why do so many of you songwriters like to sing these sad songs?
Panel 2.
Woody: Call me Woody. Well, son, the working man has got a mighty good mess of reasons to be blue.
Panel 3.
TV: Wouldn't he want to hear more happy songs? I like the one about the magic dragon.
Woody: Well, no, it's been my experience that a man likes a song to sound like his life does.
Panel 4.
TV: Maybe those guys should do something about making their lives better.
Woody: That's what I try to inspire them to do with my songs.
TV: You should write a song called, "Hey, maybe you should get a puppy?"