While I was hanging out at the Philadelphia Zine Fest this weekend, I drew some little simple comics while I sat at my table. They aren’t Eat the Babies comics, but I thought folks might dig them.

This first one is about the guys who are really awkard and don’t get when their conversation with a creator has ended. This happens, in particular, between fans and creators who have met before. I’ve watched this one a million times, but I watched it twice in a row in the morning at Zine Fest.

This one actually happened to my girlfriend, but it has also happened to me many times. So, I made it about me, instead, since I wanted it to be first person. I felt weird pretending that I was my girlfriend.

This last one is partly true. There was at least one table at the Fest with just these freebies. I didn’t see anyone make this mistake, though. But I bet someone has, somewhere.

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