Here's a near crossover! Really just a cameo, but we so close

I dream of a world where webcomics creators do crossover storylines. There. I said it. Bring crossovers to webcomics. Not guest comics. Crossovers. Real collaborations.

The positive way to look at crossovers, though, is that the creations of very very different minds can end up working with each other and interacting. It’s as if Charles Dickens’s David Copperfield ended up in the same book as Astrid Lindgren’s Pippy Longstocking. You know?

So what if web-comics creators started doing crossover stories? I think it could be really, really fun. It might also help creators expand their audiences. After all, everyone pretty much agrees that there are lots of people in the webcomic audience reading far fewer strips than they could. Here are some crossovers in webcomics that I would like to see:

1. Wigu meets Wonderella. Wigu is about a little boy named Wigu that is sometimes thought to be the messiah and has a magic potato thing that lives in his imagination but sometimes comes into the real world to wreak havoc. Wonderella is about a very world weary superheroine. What if Wonderella went thru a period of severe ennui as the magic potato thing started wrecking her city and Wigu tried to pull her out of it but his legions of spiritual adherents kept preventing him from getting any face time with her?

2. The Abominable Charles Christopher and Forming. Both of these comics have a cosmic perspective. Charles Christopher is about a sort of bigfoot like character who never says anything but clearly has some great destiny. Forming is about… effing everything. It is also loaded with characters. Both of these comics are on very clear trajectories and I’m sure they don’t really want to veer from that, at least until they are done. These are the days of extra content, though. When they reach the end, side stories with characters overlapping could be pretty awesome and boost sales of the final tomes. Jesse has this great Devil Dinosaur like character. What if those guys wandered into Charles Christopher’s forest just in time to help save it from Moynihan’s encroaching crew of giant muscle guys bent on clearcutting it for some stupid human development?

3. This one is a no-brainer. The Underfold meets Biff Zongo. Biff Zongo is all about insane characters that kill lots of people at will. The Underfold’s first story collection is called “Best Apocalypse Ever.” I think you can see where I am going with this. Panels and panels and panels of Coco the Crazy Clown throwing butcher knives at Brian Russell’s weird little family. This can work.

4. Manta Man and The Checkered Man – SUPER TEAM-UP! If anything on this list has any chance of actually happening, this is it (in fact, one of The Checkered Man’s characters has already cameoed in Manta Man). First of all, the artists behind these two comics follow each other closely. Second, they are both about supers who aren’t very comfortable in their tights. The Checkered Man wants to be a hero but isn’t that great at it. Manta Man mostly doesn’t want to do much more than say he’s a superhero. If there were a reason the two of them needed to work together, it could be compelling.

5. Hutch Owens and Billy Dogma Against Damn Near Everything! It’s the last romantic anti-hero alongside comics only activist hero. The whole world is always coming down on these two. It’s not so much whether they will prevail but whether they even want to. Either a Billy Dogma rendered in the inimitable Hutch Owen style or a Hutch Owen rendered in the inimitable Billy Dogma style would rock my eyeball sockets. Dean Haspiel and Tom Hart aren’t so much known as webcomic creators as they are old school alt-comix lions, but they’ve both embraced the web and might have a thing or two to show these upstarts about weaving a tale.

6. [redacted, bitches!]

OK, seriously, now… I don’t think for a second that any of these crossovers are going to happen. I’m only listing them to make the point that a lot of fun could be had by artists collaborating across “universes.” Right now, it is only in comic books that writers pick up where other writers left off, filling in holes, continuing the journeys of the characters, helping readers know things about the characters that their original creators never even thought of. It’s amazing.

Couldn’t it be possible in the wild and flexible world of the Internet for webcomics to do something along the same lines. These creators 100% control their intellectual properties. Not only does that mean lesser hands won’t someday wreck them, but it also means that they could share them if they wanted.

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