I have hatched so many schemes. Man. Scheming is the best. Much like these TVs, tho, my schemes never seem to get off the proverbial park bench.

If you want to get into a story about some characters who left the proverbial park bench so long ago that they might never find it again? Allow me to suggest Tales from the White Pony.

Even though, well, a lot of it does take place in a bar, which is sort of like the proverbial park bench.

That said, it’s one of the very, very few long-form web-comics I can remain interested in. It’s just hard for me to care most of the time.

Speaking of bars with horses: I visited the famous White Horse in England. That was awesome. Here’s a photo of my friends standing by a bit of The White Horse!

BradyDale's friends at The White Horse, Spring 2010

You can only see the full thing from the sky, in fact, but I promise those white bits really are The White Horse. Hully Gee!

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. TV and an older looking style TV are sitting on a park bench, feeding birds.
TV. Remember when we were going to kill all the humans?
Panel 2. Feeding birds.
Panel 3. Feeding birds.
Panel 4.
Evil TV. Yeah.
Panel 5. Feeding birds.
Panel 6. Feeding birds.
Panel 7.
TV. That was cool.
Panel 8. Feeding birds.
Panel 9.
TV. I like Marshmallows.