Weird, a week with none of the main characters, right? What’s going on. I’m experimenting. I have been coming up with some other ideas lately and figured, well, this is webcomics. There’s nothing requiring me to stick with the program. This is still a small site. Why not play around?
I was on my way to New York City a couple weekends ago when I first wrote most of the above and the ones from Tuesday. I guess I was thinking about the biggest American city and it got me in the zone for these comics.
I expect that next Tuesdays comic will be back to the old familiar, though that’s a little up in the air. Here’s another remarkable fact: I have run through my buffer. For a long time, I had the hugest buffer you could possibly imagine. So, so big. But that has slowly been whittled down by all the other things I had going on. Most notably, selling my house (but that was a year ago). I have never really been sure that I could keep up with a two per week schedule, but… Umm… I am going to find out?
There’s no comic pre-loaded for Tuesday. No comic even started for Tuesday, in fact. That’s the first time I have ever said that in the 16 months this site has been around. But I bet I will get the Tuesdays done. Really, it’s the Fridays I worry about.
So give me some encouragement, folks! Let’s do this!

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↓ Transcript
Comic A: Mr. Right-In-Front-of-Me
Panel 1. Guy and girl in a light embrace at a bar.
Girl: Let's fake have babies.
Guy: You mean have sex with condoms?

Panel 2. They are closer now.
Girl: Also, you'll hold me and say it will be okay.
Guy: Will you be topless?
Girl: Yes.

Panel 3. Looking into each other's eyes.
Guy: I love you, honey.
Girl: Oh, Ron.
Guy: My name's not Ron.
Girl: Let's say it's Ron.

Comic B: Intense Writer Guy
Panel 1. Coffee shop seen. You can see a few people waiting for their coffee and a guy at the bar looking down intensely.

Panel 2. Close up of the intense guy. Looking down. Skull cufflink. Dark jacket. Pen in hand.

Panel 3. You can see his notebook. His hand with the pen and skull cufflink are lying across one page. On the note book it says:
a haiku
every day, I ask
for no room in my coffee
There's room, so much room.

Comic C: Hipster Friends.
Panel 1: A guy is sitting at a bar, back to the reader. A baby is next to him, in a stroller, face out, playing with a cigarette lighter.

Panel 2. The guy has one empty glass next to his hand and a full one in his hand. He is reading the paper.
The baby is slipping a gun out of his back pocket, from behind his dangling, untucked flannel shirt.

Panel 3. The guy has two empty glasses next to his hand.
The baby is taking money from a large, shifting looking guy, and handing him a little plastic bag of pills.