First of all and foremost, this comic was inspired by Scott McCloud‘s book Understanding Comics, which is one of the best books I have ever read. Period. On comics or any other topic.

Though, I got the idea from a small part from this Ted Talk by David Mack:

It’s a bit of a send-up of both pieces.

Lastly, the scene the cat appears in (minus the mad scientist) really is my living room. I used it as an actual model for the scene. So now you have been inside my home, sort of. Go you.

If you’ve read Understanding Comics, I’d love for you to say something about it in the comments. If some folks do, I will tell you which page blew me away. I can probably even find a link to an illegal scan of it somewhere. What about you, yo?

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↓ Transcript
Banner: TV Explains the Magic of Comics
Panel 1. TV is standing in negative space above two comics panels.
TV: A lot of people don't understand why comics fans get so addicted to this medium. It's because comics make your mind do magic. The magic arises between panels, which artists call "the gutter."

Panel 2. A cat is standing on a coffee table and there is a ball of yarn on the floor.

Panel 3. The cat is on the floor and reaching for the ball of yarn.

Panel 4.
TV: Your mind has to make a little movie of the cat going from the table to the floor.
Keynes and Woody look on at a beam that shines down to another panel from the gutter of the two cat panels above.

Panel 5.
TV: So your imagination filled in a scientist using a Matter Transponder to teleport the cat. And that's what everyone else saw two.

Panel 6. Smaller panel. Looks like the cat panels above and indicated as happening between them by arrows from above.
A guy in a lab coat is making two beams of energy that lead to two cats that look the same. One on the table. One next to the ball of yarn.

TV: Amazing, right? It's like brain candy.