I am writing this on Sunday night. I woke up this morning without any clue what I would do Tuesday’s comic about. So, as I tend to do in that case, I started reading my copies of The Economist. I read this piece about the bond market, and it got me thinking. It’s sort of ironic, right, that when government’s seem to be in turmoil, people are rushing to invest in governments. I mean, that’s what buying a bond is. It’s investing your money with the government in the hopes that they will give it back to you when they are done with it (traditionally, you want to make a little money for your trouble but these days folks are just happy to get the money back – or even most of the money the back).

Which led to me thinking why this would be a good strategy if you were completely amoral and had access to sea monsters.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Marvel or DC did a book about a supervillain who used insider information about moves powerful supervillains were going to make to invest in really savvy ways and make a lot of money off of it? Like, shorting companies that were about to get their whole inventory stolen by The Circus of Crime (or whatever). I would write that book, Marvel and/or D.C. I’m confident in saying that you don’t have a writer in your current stable who can write it, so if you like that idea: gimme a call. It could be good. All hardboiled and intense.

Yeah baby.

Listen, folks: THANK YOU! June was the 2nd biggest month that Eat The Babies has ever had. By a lot. And the first biggest month was totally cheating. I used Google $75 Adwords promotion to get those numbers. I’ve never even come close, since, but, honestly, June put those numbers in spitting distance. And without ads.

The numbers are less than what the biggest webcomics see in an hour or two, but still… growth has been steady these last few months. It mostly seems to be people coming from comics I post to Reddit. That leads to a lot of one-time views, but if it’s led any of you folks to sticking around, I would love to hear from you.

Also, Feedburner is telling me that a lot more people are subscribing to the strip using their RSS readers. Thanks, also, for that. I think of you RSS subscribers as the readers I can count on. So thanks for that, too.

I honestly think that strip has been getting better recently. A bit more confident in itself. So hopefully that’s why there’s been some growth. I would love to hear what you think, but if you just want to keep quietly hanging back and reading, that’s okay too.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. Woody Guthrie is looking out a large window, back to the reader, onto a cityscape with a bridge in the background. A giant, lizard like monster with yellow horns is happily rampaging through the city.
Woody: A giant lizard came out of the Delaware and is attacking Philadelphia.

Panel 2. Woody is walking to a table where TV and the Jersey Devil are sitting. They are playing Trivial Pursuit.
Woody: Should we run?
The Jersey Devil: I think we'll be okay.
Woody: Wait, you called it, didn't you?

Panel 3.
The Jersey Devil: My portfolio manage moved me more heavily into Bonds than I wanted, so I figured a couple good rampages would cause a sudden rush to U.S. Treasuries. So, I'll sell and clear nice returns as the Bond prices spike and shift my money back into Equities at a discount.
TV: I'm not sure, but I think that's really twisted.
The Jersey Devil: You can call it twisted. I call it a long bet on Patriotism.