This one started with this episode of This American Life. TV is kinda thinking about joining this group, which is sort of discussed in the episode.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. TV, Woody, Keynes and Max are walking through a park.
TV: I am thinking about volunteering a little with this group that does work searching for extra-terrestrial life.
Woody: That's neat.
Max: *giggle*

Panel 2.
Keynes: What was that giggling about?
Max: Well.. it's a little funny... Don't you think?

Panel 3. Keynes and Max are standing alone. Keynes is posting decisively.
Keynes: I'll tell you waht I know. I know that giggle. That's the giggle they met Columbus with. That is the giggle they met the men who built the railroads with. Your giggle, that giggle, is the giggle they gave Eastman when he said he could capture light on a piece of paper. That is the giggle one tribesmen gave another when he said he could attach a rock to a stick and launch it further than a spear with a bent piece of wood.

Panel 4.
TV: Wait, Kenes, are you saying I am like Columbus?
Keynes: Maybe one of his crew.
Woody: His scullerymaid.

Panel 5.
Keynes: Would Columbus have had a scullery maid?
Guthrie: I don't even know what a scullerymaid is.
Keynes: I wouldn've thought you had some song about them.
Guthrie: They never had a Union.
Keynes: Pity.
Guthrie: Didn't all you Cambridge brats have scullery maids?
Keynes: Till we replaced them with robots. Out of spite.
Guthrie: Of course.
TV: Like one of Columbus's crew!