Guys, I am so tired. Here’s a video of me telling a story about dirty dancing and a hot chick with a boa. People liked it. I’m too tired right now to describe it better.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. Hobo guy is sitting on a sidewalk next to a post box.
Hobo: ... so then one of his feet had to be surgically removed. All because of what I stold.

Panel 2. Close-up
Hobo: See, you have to be disciplined in this life, treat your fellow man fair but firm.

Panel 3.
Hobo: That's why I car around this jar of urine.

Panel 4.
Hobo: If I do something irresponsible, I made myself a take a drink.

Panel 5. Full body shot. He's looking thoughtfully off to the side.

Panel 6. Hobo guy is smiling.
Hobo: Just kidding... This is whiskey. I know guys that do that, tho.