You guys, I can’t tell you how often I think about things during the day and I absolutely know that that is exactly what I am going to write about under a certain comic, and then I get done with the exhausting process of making the comic and I’m like, “What the heck did I want to write about?”

I don’t know.

But if you’re in Philadelphia and somebody you don’t know says they have a question for you or they want to talk to you about something – keep walking. I’m just saying, they don’t want to hear your opinion on the Arab Spring. Trust me. This is from one small town Kansas transplant to all you suburbanites who show up on our shores.

By the way, “shores” is the Philadelphia word for “sidewalk.” So that’s why I said you suburbanites show up on our shores. Try it out the next time you visit Center City and want a table outside. Tell the hostess that you want a table “on the shore.” That’s what us locals say.

OK, here’s a thing: I listened to my first episode of “You Made it Weird” tonight while inking this. It was the one with Chelsea Peretti. I am late to discovering Chelsea Peretti, but she’s really funny. She has a bodacious voice, too. Check out the episode in the link. You’ll learn about doing it with cowboys. And it gets a little awkward fairly early, even though they are friends. So that’s cool too.

In this episode, Chelsea Peretti says she always wants to call Pete Holmes “Piotr.” The Russian version of “Peter.” I also want to call dudes named “Peter” Piotr. I do it because I was a fan of the X-Men in the 80s and “Piotr” was the real name of Colossus, who was a totally cool character. I am pretty sure that’s why Peretti does it, too. What do you think?

Yeah, gotta be. She was all about the X-Men in the 80s, right?

Gotta be.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. TV is walking by an alley and some guy in a Phillies hoodie is leaning against the wall a little inside it.
Guy: Hey, buddy, I want to ask you somethin'.
TV: Well, certainly, stranger.

Panel 2. The guy has pulled a gun. TV has started to put his hands up.
Guy: I want to know, is love real? 'Cuz I have a puppy, and he acts real sweet to me.

Panel 3. TV's hands are way up now.
Guy: But he acts the same way to ev'body. So's that just puppies? Or does he love me? Which is it?