Let’s talk about synchronicity.

Fact one: I have never owned a Furby. I am not sure I have ever touched a Furby.

Fact two: I have never owned a Tamagotchi, though I have seen one. I taught at a summer camp one summer when the Tamagotchi crazy was full on.

Fact three: I never think about Furbies.

So today I’m at work and kinda thinking about what I’m going to do my comic about tonight. I scripted a couple this weekend but I didn’t think I had time to do them, and then this one just sort of came to me. Nearly fully formed. Just the Furby part. I added the Tamagotchi part later.

I’ve never owned one!

So then I go to Wikipedia to make sure I even  really know what these things are and check the dates that they were big.

Guess what I found out?

Furbies Version 3.0 are due to come out next month! How weird is that?

Synchronicity, right? Weird. Are the toy companies broadcasting?

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. TV is kneeling in front of some sort of altar.
TV: Dear God, I came to You for guidance and wisdom. I am looking for a sign. A sign that I am right. I believe I am ready, dear God, but I seek your guidance. Am I ready, in my heart, to own a Furby?

Off-panel. TV is still kneeling.
TV: And I pray for your fogiveness in the matter of the Tamagotchi.