I had to text a friend to ask him if it was even legal to switch quarterbacks as a game goes on. Wasn’t sure. Thought it was, but wasn’t sure.

Here’s another version of that dance club, pink boa story I posted a little while back.

Big Fun: Brady Dale from Hillary Rea on Vimeo.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. TV is sitting on a bench on the sidelines of a football game One football player is standing next to him talking and another is just sitting beside TV in shades.
Player: Hey, umm... aren't you QB this play?
TV: Yes.
Player: Shouldn't you... be playing?
TV: Oh, we are doing our Obama play.
Player: "Obama Play?"
TV: Yep! I sit on the bench while the two teams do whatever with the ball. Then, at the last moment, I will get out there and do something decisive.