Someone needs to open a bar called The Pinstripe, stat. OK, someone probably has, but I haven’t been there.

You guys. I have been so busy. Holy crap. So, so busy. You would think not having a job I’d be chilling but holy hannah. One example: today was nuts. I drew a thing for a project I am trying out with another site all day long. I drew that thing (will link here when it’s out) from 9:30 AM to 7PM tonight. And that wasn’t even all of it! I started it yesterday!

Then, I finished that up, and drew this comic. It is now tomorrow as I write this for you. Just barely, but it is tomorrow. Man. Time for bed.

I am telling you this to say that I think September 27th has been the drawingest day that I have spent so far in my life.

In other news, a couple of pieces I wrote about the recent Small Press Expo have appeared on some other sites. So, if you want my take on the East Coast’s biggest indy comic book convention, there’s two places you can find out about it. I wrote about my personal experience as a first-time SPX exhibitor on The Comics Beat. Then, I wrote about how well the Philadelphia comics community represented itself at the show in a post on Geekadelphia.

Be sure to check them out and leave a comment for the editors of both sites that my posts basically renewed your faith in the human spirit. Because they will. Trust me.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. Three ladies are at a bar with TV and a dude approaches.
Dude: Hey, ladies... What brings you to The Pinstripe tonight?
Lady 1: We came out to have drinks.
Lady 2: With each other.
Lady 3: Just each other.

Panel 2. Just the three ladies and TV is listening.
Lady 1: God, why can't guys just leave us alone?
Lady 2: I know!

Panel 3. Ladies seen from behind while TV has turned fully to them.
TV: I don't understand... If it's so annoying, why don't you just hang out together at home?

Panel 4. Same as 2.
Lady 2: What the hell would we talk about?
Lady 3: God.

Off-panel: TV is approaching some ladies.
TV: What's on you ladies' minds?
Other lady: Zine pagination