So, this comic is the start of a story. I’m not sure how long it is going to go. Maybe six or seven strips worth? But yes, I am finally doing something with a little bit of a narrative. Eat The Babies! clearly, clearly needs to try doing something else, so why not experiment with this? Could be fun. We’ve been here in the Internet space for 20 months now. Why not play around?

It’s very, very fair to say that we really have nothing to lose.

Folks the biggest news in the creative world, to me, right now, is Tig Notaro’s stand-up set. You can get it on Louis CK’s site for $5. I basically just bought this because a couple of comedy and comics people that I know on Twitter had been tweeting that you should. All the more I really knew about Tig Notaro was from her Taylor Dane story on This American Life, though I had also heard Kate Miccucci and Rikki Lindholme talk about her on Lindholme’s podcast once. But that was really it.

So I bought this 30 min album and I listened to it. I didn’t really know what it was about, and had about 5 seconds worth of denial at the start of it before I realized that this was real. And I could feel parts of me resisting the album there for a little bit, but Notaro got me, like she seemed to get everyone at Largo that night, into the vibe of what she was creating. The vibe that is both some truly excellent comedy but also some very real emotional pain.

She’s created something here that – I can’t help but think – will be emotionally important forever. We’re fortunate that (apparently – a friend tells me) it happened at Largo, which happens to be a place that always pushes down the record button when someone goes on stage, just in case something extraordinary happens.

And something extraordinary happened here.

It’s everything transcendent that Stand-up Comedy can be, when the time is right. In my opinion, you really need to hear it.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1. TV is seen at a bar. Only one other person is seen at the bar, he seems to be in a ninja costume.

Panel 2. TV is two stools over from the ninja. He's leaning toward the ninja with his hand on the stool between them.
TV: Hey, uh, you kinda look like maybe youa re a ninja? Are you a ninja?

Panel 2. The ninja and TV have both turned toward each other.
Ninja: You know that is rude to ask people questions about their looks, right? But, I am. I am the saddest ninja.

Panel 4. They are both seen from the front now.
TV: Why?
Ninja: My clan was hired by Frank Miller to assassinate Joel Schumacher before he could make BATMAN: FOREVER.