5 good reasons to go see “A United Kingdom”, the story o

In United Kingdom retraces a mixed love story that turned the post-war period upside down and led to Botswana’s independence. Between politics and romance, In United Kingdom promises to be the movie you have to see go see this week, since it hits theaters this Wednesday, March 29. Here are five good reasons to find out:

1. The film is based on a true story: This feature film actually tells a story that really happened after the Second World War. A forgotten fight in Europe, but also in Botswana where few people know this story. The film adapted from the novel Color Bar by Susan Williams traces the mixed romance between the king of Botswana and Ruth Williams, an English secretary. A romance between a black man and a white woman, which shook all of South Africa in full apartheid. A forgotten political struggle over history and the links between Africa and Europe.

2. It’s a great romantic movie: It’s been a long time since we’ve witnessed a love story like this. After meeting in 1947, everything separates Seretse Khama, a young African king, and Ruth Williams (played by David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike), and yet despite these obstacles of social class and origin, they marry. This union will trigger a scandal in South Africa, which threatens to invade the country, still under the protectorate of the British Empire. It is this same union that will succeed in leading the independence of the country. An extraordinary love story, which proves that love is stronger than anything.

3. A political analysis: Beyond the romance, the film deals with great finesse the development and the political situation of South Africa, Botswana, but also that of England. South Africa, the continent’s economic giant in full apartheid, took a very dim view of this union, which threatened the racist laws put in place in the country. As for the British politicians, they were in a very complex political situation. Some of their acts which the people saw at the time as “very racist” turned out to “serve the national interest”. A very sharp political analysis of what was happening at the time, between these two territories.

4. A most convincing cast: The two main characters are extraordinarily well interpreted by David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl, Pride and Prejudice…). Actor David Oyelowo is more than convincing. A British actor of Nigerian origin, he is proud to be African and is passionate about this story“. So involved, the actor even wanted the film to be shot in Botswana, a project that director Amma Asante immediately accepted.

5. Very good reviews: Despite the fact that the love story is not unanimous (too quickly set up, for some), we are not the only ones who enjoyed the film. In United Kingdom, garnered many positive reviews. The magazine Rolling Stones in the United States even referred to it as ” cry from the heart“. While Radio Times praised the director of the film: ” Bringing a little-known chapter of history to a wider audience at a time of ethnic tensions in the UK and abroad, Asante should be applauded“.

So to see In United Kingdomsee you this Wednesday, March 29, in cinemas.


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