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In the construction sector, certain interventions and specific trades require ten-year insurance. Actors working in this field are required to respect a number of safeguards. The aim is to ensure the durability of the constructions that have been carried out. Are you in the design or in the realization of real estate projects? Want to know a little more about ten-year insurance? Do you want to see if your profession is among those who need it?

What is ten-year insurance and why do certain professions require it?

Ten-year insurance is an obligation for builders working in the construction industry. Its purpose is to provide professionals with a margin of safety in the event of a dispute upon delivery of the site. As you will have understood, this is a protection against possible damage that could have consequences on the durability of the structure. As a general rule, the duration of this guarantee is 10 years, starting from the date of delivery to your customers.

This guarantee is essential for certain construction trades. The provisions governing a ten-year insurance for mason, for example, are particularly useful. Indeed, it allows you to be in agreement with the Spinetta law, relating to construction law of January 4, 1978. In the event of failures or damage on the site, your client can take you to court. Its objective is to obtain payment of the costs necessary for the repairs. With a ten-year contract, you can therefore settle claims more easily.

5 jobs that require ten-year insurance

Whether in renovation or construction, ten-year insurance is necessary. This affects several professionals working in studies and advice, in shell and structure, as well as in fittings and finishes.

The master builder

The project manager’s objective is to carry out the technical design as well as the preliminary studies of the project. He is also responsible for supervising the work of subcontractors and ensuring compliance verification operations. The liability of a building owner is then engaged in the event of damage during or after construction. If you work in this profession, you should take out a ten-year insurance contract. You will be like this covered for all possible problems risking weakening the structure of the works under your responsibility.

The architect

According to article 1792 of the Civil Code, the architects carrying out project management are also required to take out ten-year insurance. It is you who are at the base of the whole construction, from its conception to its realization. It should be noted that this obligation does not apply to interior designers. Indeed, a professional insurance is enough to be able to offer your services. Thus, the ten-year guarantee to which you must subscribe will cover various points, namely:

  • problems with the structure of the building,
  • water infiltration problems,
  • the cracks on the walls.

Therefore, you benefit from optimal protection if one of these cases arises.

Construction: ten-year insurance


As a masonry professional, you are usually in charge of several jobs. They concern the earthworks, the creation of the foundations, the installation and elevation of the partitions, and the installation of the framework. In other words, all the steps that make the building come out of the ground are your responsibility. So you are incurred in the event of any disasters, accidents or vulnerability during construction and after delivery. As a mason, you should take out a ten-year guarantee, not to mention civil liability insurance. The objective is that you can anticipate any litigation. You’ll be covered for cave-ins, subsidence and more.

The carpenter

This is the building professional who takes care not only of the framework, but also of the installation of the floor and the stairs. To protect yourself from claims on delivery, the ideal is to bet on ten-year roofing insurance if you are a carpenter. But beware, in most cases, the warranty does not cover all repair costs, depending on the extent of the problem. In the case of significant damage, you usually have to pay a deductible of a certain value.


By exercising electrician’s job, you are responsible for ensuring the compliance of all the electrical equipment you have installed. Whether you are a service, construction or photovoltaic electrician, don’t hesitate to take out ten-year insurance to protect yourself. The coverage thus includes fires related to overvoltage as well as problems with protective devices. You will therefore be covered against damage linked to a defect on the home network, for example.

How to get ten-year insurance?

You should know that obtaining a ten-year guarantee depends mainly on your level of experience. If you are a young entrepreneur or a craftsman in real estate, you will need to demonstrate a background of pre-entrepreneurship knowledge in the trade. To subscribe, various conditions must be met. These vary from one insurer or broker to another.

Thus, to obtain ten-year insurance, you must justify an activity of at least three years. Your insurer will not fail to check the conformity of your professional qualifications or your diplomas. Moreover, a CAP or a BEP is required. A minimum number of staff must be respected to be eligible, depending on the scope of the work.

For many years, simple procedures for professionals operating in the construction sector have been in place. For companies that are still in the creation phase, the step is less obvious, but is on the other hand essential.

What are the consequences in the event of default of ten-year insurance?

It is important to know that a breach of a ten-year guarantee is punishable by law. The repercussions are specified in the Insurance Code in article L243-3. You will therefore be subject to a six-month prison sentence. This penalty may be increased or replaced by the payment of a fine of 75,000 euros.

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