A 21-year-old Frenchman hacks Microsoft, he is arrested by the FBI and risks life in prison

News hardware A 21-year-old Frenchman hacks Microsoft, he is arrested by the FBI and risks life in prison

Cock-a-doodle Doo ! France’s international influence never ceases to amaze us. A 21-year-old Epitech student has just been arrested by the FBI for hacking. But then, what does our French hacker risk? And what did he do so badly to get there?

The French hack, and the ShinyHunters group

It was via a communication from the Moroccan police to AFP that we learned that a young student from the Epitech Nancy engineering school had been arrested by the authorities.

After his arrest, the police learned that this young man is in fact wanted by the FBI for acts of cybercrime, in particular on American companies.

This student pro hack is called Sébastien Raoult and would be one of the thinking heads of the group ShinyHuntersbehind the theft of more than 200 million pieces of data that were subsequently sold around the world, via the darknet.

Acting on major hacking projects since May 2020, the ShinyHunters group would be behind the theft of data from companies such as Microsoft, Wattpad or the American e-commerce site Bonobos, attached to Walmart.

On Twitter, the group uses a Pokémon profile photo, in reference to their name “Shiny Hunters”, in French hunter of Shiny, a very expensive practice for fans of the Japanese franchise.

And obviously, the goal of this group would be the same: to hunt Shiny, namely companies that can bring in big profits.

To give you an idea, the group managed to steal 500 GB of confidential data from Microsoft, and no less than 7 million personal customer data from the Bonobos group.

Big hits that probably brought them a lot, hence the hunt by the FBI.

The young computer security engineer risks (very) big

Arrested on May 31 at Rabat-Salé airport, Sébastien was imprisoned in Tiflet 2 prison, near Rabat.

The icing on the cake, an American prosecutor from the State of Washington requests the extradition of Sébastien to try him in the United States. The maximum sentence incurred by the young hacker is 116 years in prison.

Obviously, the student denies the facts and also denies his membership in the hacker group ShinyHunters. Philippe Ohayon, Sébastien’s lawyer, called on our Minister of Justice, Eric Dupont-Moretti, for help.

The lawyer asks that the sentence be enacted in France, where the acts were committed by Sébastien, because according to him, this case must fall under French jurisdiction.

International justice cases are always very difficult to understand, especially since it is American prosecutors who accuse the young man.

The prosecutor of the Epinal prosecution transmitted information to AFP, indicating that the case is still in progress, and that Sébastien Raoult risks only 5 years if he were to be tried in France, against 116 years in the States. -United.

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