a driver indicted for having mowed down two cyclists in Chambord

The accident claimed the lives of two Dutch tourists, a 61-year-old woman and a 68-year-old man. The driver was indicted on July 19 for aggravated manslaughter.

It took until he left the hospital to understand what had happened. The driver of the car who mowed down two Dutch cyclists on July 10 on the Chambord estate was heard in police custody on Monday July 18.

No direct witness having attended the accident, which cost the lives of the two tourists aged 61 and 68, the findings on the spot of the investigators made it possible to estimate that the trajectory of the car is in question. According to a statement from Blois prosecutor Frédéric Chevallier, she said “not remembering the exact circumstances of the accident“, explaining that a heated argument opposed him to his passenger. His deportation to the cycle lane could, according to her, “explained by this inattention linked to stormy verbal exchanges“.

Aged 39, the driver was already known for old facts of use of narcotics, and driving despite an invalidated license. New elements have been added to this passive: bought a short time before, her vehicle was missing a bumper, which fell after she took a speed bump too quickly. In addition, the vehicle was not insured, the technical control was not carried out, the change of gray card was not completed, and the driver did not even hold a driving license. In addition, blood tests identified the presence of cannabis resin and heroin at the time of the accident.

This Tuesday, July 19, the driver was referred to the Blois prosecutor’s office and presented before the investigating judge. The prosecution specifies that she was indicted for manslaughter aggravated by the particular circumstances of driving after the use of narcotics and driving without a driving license, aggravated involuntary injuries with ITT greater than three months (for her passenger), of default of insurance and related violations.

She was placed under judicial supervision. The penalty is ten years in prison.

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