A Gardois controlled under narcotics and without insurance after throwing his cigarette out the window

A motorist receives three fines for several offenses committed at the same time in the Gard. He is a resident of Bagnols-sur-Cèze. Last Saturday, at the motorway exit at the Fournès toll, he was checked. And the list of reproaches made to him is as long as the arm. Starting with the fact of having thrown his cigarette out of the window, while the Gard is in risk red forest fire, and that the prevention campaigns against fire risks have perhaps never multiplied so much.

No technical control or insurance

The man thinks he’s smart, he spots the toll control. So what does he do? He gets rid of his butt. Except that it’s bad luck: his cigarette is more of the recreational kind. And when he is checked in turn, it is a very strong smell of cannabis that tickles the nostrils of the policeman. And there we go: general control and Grand Slam!

The man accumulates: not only is he driving while consuming narcotics, but in addition, he smokes while he has… a child in the car. Should I remind him? It’s forbidden. Added to that: the technical control, expired: Insurance, do not look, it has none. And obviously the soldiers understood that he had thrown his cigarette butt through the window despite the risk of fire.

Assessment: three fines, two misdemeanors. And then the icing on the cake, as he took narcotics, he remained in a carafe. Not allowed to drive. To leave, he had to call on a friend.

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