A mandatory audit from April 2023 to fight against “thermal strainers”

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The completion of a mandatory audit in the context of the sale of a home will be mandatory from April 1, 2023. Initially scheduled for January 1, 2022 and then September 1, the Minister Delegate for Cities and Housing announced this report in the columns of the Parisian.

The decision is recorded: from spring 2023a energetic audience will be mandatory for the sale of a house or a single-ownership building. This obligation for owners is intended to reduce the number of “thermal strainers” within the French housing stock.

A energetic audience is a document proposing a list of energy renovation works aiming to improve the class ECD (energy performance diagnosis) of a dwelling. Those qualified as “energy sieves” refer to the class F or G. With the DPE, this audit will now be part of the mandatory real estate diagnostics.

The Minister explains that atechnical report is essential given the lack of companies and qualified personnel to establish all the energy audits that will be necessary“. The government wishes to provide the best possible support to individuals who wish to undertake work.

The calendar of the Climate and Resilience law maintained

Despite the postponement of this obligation, the Minister affirms that there will be no no change in the Climate Law calendar re the gradual ban on “thermal strainers”. Indeed, from 2025it will no longer be possible to rent goods classified G. It will then be the turn of Class F housing which will be prohibited for rental in 2028. In addition, the Minister Delegate for Cities and Housing confirms that the freeze on rents for sieve housing is also maintained and will enter into force on next august 25.

The establishment of an energy audit, the DPE and the ban on the rental of “thermal sieves” should encourage owners to carry out energy renovation works. Today, France has almost 5.2 million “energy sieves” (figure from the National Energy Renovation Observation).

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