A stage of a SpaceX rocket lights up the skies of northern France as it descends to earth

Thursday morning in Florida, United States, Thursday evening for France, a SpaceX rocket took satellites into orbit. One of the floors, descending to earth, crossed the sky throughout the north of France, leaving the witnesses perplexed.

A round, white and luminous shape crosses the sky this Thursday evening, April 21. Those who see her pull out their phones. But hard to understand what it is. Ufologists are already dreaming of a UFO.

At 9:45 p.m., Comtois people see it simultaneously in Besançon, Vesoul, Clerval, Pontarlier, Frasne, Dole, Gy, Tavaux… or in Haut-Jura and share it on the networks.

But no UFOs or military maneuvers. The explanation is much more rational. It is part of the company’s Falcon 9 launch vehicle Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, better known as SpaceX. This must send 53 satellites for the Starlink constellation.

The launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket broadcast by YouTuber UFOTINIK on Thursday April 21.

The particularity of the Falcon 9 launcher is that it is partly reusable. A revolutionary technique. An onboard crew can return to the capsule, such as Thomas Pesquet in 2021. The first stage of the rocket also lands on the launch base. Other components are also recovered.

(To read on the Figaro website: Falcon 9: this launcher that is revolutionizing the conquest of space)

It is therefore the second stage of the rocket descending into the Earth’s atmosphere which was seen Thursday evening in the sky of France. He was traveling at a speed of 27,000 km/h at an altitude of more than 200 km. The luminous, characteristic spiral halo is caused by the “vent (opening) post-deorbit-combustion fuel”, basically when the piece of rocket leaves its orbit around our planet to come back down. Unfortunately, this stage is not yet reusable, but at least it does not join the waste of the space.

video length: 29sec

SpaceX rocket stage sets the sky ablaze

©Isabelle Mounier / France Televisions

You will no longer be surprised if such a sight happens again above your head. Tomorrow, Saturday April 23, a new SpaceX rocket will carry the Crew-4 mission, four astronauts, to the International Space Station, from Cape Canaveral in Florida, at 9:26 a.m. local time.

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