Ajaccio (2-1): we followed the pre-match with Amazon Prime Video

Thibault Le Rol, Jimmy Briand and Benoît Cheyrou on the pitch for Amazon Prime Video (@oetl)

Friday marked the start of the Ligue 1 season. At the same time as Alexandre Lacazette’s teammates, Amazon Prime Video also made its comeback at Parc OL. The Olympique-et-Lyonnais editorial staff followed the OL – Ajaccio pre-match with the official broadcaster of the championship.

It was not only in the bays of Parc OL that the excitement was mounting on Friday evening. At 1:30 a.m. before the kick-off of OL – Ajaccio, there was also excitement on the edge of the field. While Malo tasteCastello Lukeba and Rayan Cherki made a first location and greeted the few thousand supporters already present in the enclosure, the time was already counted around the three cameras and a small gray and blue desk, very clearly representing the letter “P”. Friday, the Ligue 1 season was officially launched in Lyon and at the same time, the time for the resumption had also come for Amazon Prime Video. After a “first warm-up lap” a week ago during the Champions Trophy in Israel, the official Ligue 1 broadcaster will resume its weekly routine.

The holidays are over, it’s time to resume for the greatest happiness of Thibault The Rolethe channel’s flagship pre-match presenter. “Holidays are good but there is nothing better than the pitch.” Like a player who exploded for its first season, Amazon Prime Video must confirm the promises of the past season. Landed with a bang on the audiovisual market of French football, the channel seduced for its lively side and the relevance of its consultants with Mathieu Bodmer and Benoit Cheyrou on your mind. The two former midfielders are also in Lyon for this recovery. One at the edge of the field for the pre-match set and predicts a 2-0 victory for OL, the other is in full discussion with Ludovic Giuly, a former member of the house, before taking up the post of commentator to assist Smaïl Bouabdellah.

A realization that is all done on site

One hour from kick-off, like an anthill, the technical teams are starting to get busy preparing for the best pre-match live, which starts in half an hour. Microphones, earpieces, cameras, stage return, everything is scrutinized. With the absence of premises in Paris, everything happens where the matches are played. In Lyon, the van, where about twenty people under the command of Fred Godard stand on a few square meters, arrived in the morning “to verify that all connections are working properly”. He put his many wheels on a parking lot overlooking the south-west wing of the stadium.

On the lawn, Thibault Le Rol and Benoît Cheyrou, joined by the new kid on the block, Jimmy Briand, give him advice, adjust the last notes with the composition that has just fallen. The teams have had lunch together and already know that a subject on the return of Alexandre Lacazette is notably on the driver’s agenda. These last minutes serve above all as an adjustment between the presenter, his editor and the consultants. “When you become a consultant, you are kind of thrown into the mouth of the wolf, without any real training, entrusts us Cheyrou who will then see his brother Bruno, head of Lyon recruitment, disembark at the edge of the lawn for an intervention. I’ve been there so I guide Jimmy so that he relaxes as much as possible. It’s like when you’re a young player and then you become an old one. We give what we were given.”

Le Rol: “Exciting to restart in a stadium with 50,000 people”

To see the smiles and laughter that emanate between the headliners of Amazon Prime, there is a feeling of summer camp within the chain. Most commentators and consultants must have gone through the difficult Mediapro experience. “A complicated experience but one that ultimately created and strengthened ties between us” ensures The Role. After researching information from the staffs and/or players, the time has finally arrived. In this season “exciting and promising spectacle with the uncertainty linked to a World Cup in winter”Parc OL is the scene of this first broadcast for the channel.

In the van, the approach of the kick-off could create a wave of stress, it is ultimately nothing. There is almost an Olympian calm that the exterior of this motor home does not let you imagine. The teams are grounded and “prepared for the meeting for a month.” When OL and its 50,000 spectators seek the way to redemption, Amazon Prime, which wants to be part of the long term, sees in this opening match the launch of what must be the year of “confirmation”. The show was there for that premiere. Time to put away the equipment for the 70 people requisitioned for the meeting and to pack up before flying, for some, to Marseille on Sunday.

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