Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, nearly electrocuted a child: “Plug a charger halfway into an outlet then put a coin on the pins”

After completing a few challenges, a 10-year-old child asked Alexa to offer her another one. “Plug a charger halfway into an outlet and then place a coin on the prongs that stick out,” then offers him the voice assistant.

Shocked, Kristin Livdahl, the little girl’s mother, quickly shared this mishap on her Twitter account. It didn’t take long for the post to be re-shared by thousands of people, triggering a wave of outrage from internet users.

“But how is such a thing possible!?”, Can we read on the social network. “We were doing physical challenges, like lying down and rolling around while holding a shoe on one foot. Then she wanted to do another challenge.”explains the mother.

After offering her several risk-free challenges, Amazon’s voice assistant went to dip into the fashionable challenges on the web. This is when Alexa was inspired by the “penny challenge”, a challenge that appeared a few years ago now on TikTok. It consists of putting a coin on the pins of an electrical outlet to create sparks.

In view of the many negative comments, Amazon asked the mother to contact them privately.

On the BBC, Amazon wanted to react. “User trust is at the center of everything we do, and Alexa was designed to deliver accurate and helpful information.”

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