Alphabet, Apple and Microsoft come out of a complicated spring

The three big companies went through a quarter that analysts expected to be quite complex. If the results are “less worse” than expected, we still note a decline in profits for two of them.

This is the case with Alphabet. Revenue of $69.7 billion is up 13% from a year ago, but profit of $16 billion is down 13%. Advertising accounted for the majority of revenue as usual with $40.7 billion. Cloud business brought in 6.2 billion and YouTube advertising 7.3 billion.

At Apple, the insolent turnover is 83 billion dollars, up 1.87% over one year. On the other hand, profits suffered a small slap of -10.59%. iPhone sales rose slightly in one year with 40.665 billion in revenue (+2.77%), but iPad and Mac sales fell to 7.224 billion dollars (-1.95%) and 7.382 billion (-10.36%). Services are up before 19.604 billion (+12.11%).

Microsoft is doing the best, with a turnover of 51.9 billion dollars (+12% over one year) and a net profit of 16.7 billion, an increase of 2%. Sales of Windows licenses to OEMs fell 2%, but Surface sales rose 10%, in a shrinking PC market after the pandemic period.

The Productivity and Business branch brought in $16.6 billion (+13%), while the Cloud branch still posted double-digit growth quarter after quarter, with $20.9 billion (+20%).


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