Amazon: 25% discount on the Happy Garden MSPA inflatable spa

A spa session helps to relax and release tension while reducing muscle pain! Are you looking for a solution to relax at home and spend pleasant moments? It’s time to grab a bargain on Amazon, the Happy Garden MSPA Inflatable Spa is available at the price of €349.90 instead of €469.

The features of the Happy Garden MSPA inflatable spa

This 4-seater inflatable spa (capacity: 650 L) is designed to offer you moments of relaxation, the water temperature can reach 40°C. The installation is easy and the maintenance simple, the materials are very resistant, the reinforced PVC guarantees perfect sealing and maximum solidity. The spa complies with ISO 9000 standards, they ensure the quality of the product. It is equipped with a timer to allow you to save energy. The remote control allows you to manage all the options: quickly inflate the spa, adjust the temperature and time of heating the water, change the filters when necessary…

Accessories included:

  • Tarpaulin protection
  • pump hose
  • Ground sheet
  • Filtered
  • Drain adapter

Why choose an inflatable spa?

The inflatable spa has many advantages compared to a traditional spa. Installation is simple and quick, you can count 15 minutes for assembly and 40 minutes maximum to fill the spa with water. It moves more easily when it is empty, it can be put in the garden in summer and in a room in the house in winter. When you are not using it, you can easily store it. Its compact size, for example if you are going on vacation for several weeks. The inflatable spa is very comfortable and after a long day at work, you will look forward to using it to relax at home.


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